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About Us

Rolloff Containers Enterprises Today

Rolloff Containers continues the tradition of steel production in the Lebanon and Lancaster County area producing 40,000 roll-off containers and over 250,000 RV Frames since it's inception. Rolloff Containers has installed thousands of steel beam supports in area homes with crane operators who are also skilled steel fabricators saving client and home-owner expense on the job-site. In the commercial sector, Rolloff Containers provides ground up fabrication for miscellaneous ornamental metals and light structural steel.


Rolloff Containers, like most businesses, have entered the era of sophisticated technology. Taking several forms, this technology has improved both product quality and worker productivity. Computers are essential to most technological advances in steel production.

Customer Service

When you purchase products from Rolloff Containers, rest assured that your purchase includes top-notch technical service and problem-solving support. Customer service is so important, resolutions are handled directly by engineering and where appropriate by the president of the company.

So when your requirements are out of the ordinary, when you need something more, come to Rolloff Containers. We will work with you, to match your needs, not simply try to match you to a standard model. We know that when it comes to steel, "one size" does not always fit all, and we are going to do our best to provide you with the product and features you want. And we will do so at the quality of product and levels of customer service that since the very beginning of our company have defined Rolloff Containers, the leader in steel fabrication.

Introduction to the History of Steel in Lebanon County and Cornwall

For over two centuries the iron industry has been the economic backbone of Lebanon County. Presiding over the mining and production enterprises was the ironmaster, first Peter Grubb and his descendants and then three generations of Colemans. Peter Grubb purchased over 400 acres including three hills known as Big Hill, Middle Hill and Grassy Hill in what was then Lancaster County. He named the area Cornwall in honor of his father’s English birthplace. Grubb’s industrial complex would prosper for nearly 250 years, produce more than 110 million tons of iron ore, a half-million tons of copper and become one of the world-renowned and most productive iron ore mining operations of all time. learn more >>

Member of the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce

Member of the Building Industry Association of Lancaster County


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