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RV Frames / Metal Structures

Conrad has fabricated over 250,000 RV Frames since it's inception. In addition to fabrication, Conrad can repair or refurbish your RV frame and metal structure.

RV Frames

Class C Motorhomes are usually built on an existing truck frame and tend to be smaller in size.

Class B Motorhomes are a style of RV which falls between the A and C classes, also usually built on an existing truck frame, but with less visible lines between the RV body and the frame.

Class A Motorhomes are a completely self-contained vehicle and are similar in construction to a bus. They offer several sizes. Some Class A Motorhomes are large and spacious.


Metal Structures

Conrad also creates custom metal structure frames for cabins and trailers.

Travel Trailers are separate trailer units and vary in size. A feature of this type of trailer is its attachment to a tow vehicle with a bumber hitch. They do, however, have full-unobstructed use of the front portion of the trailer.

5th Wheel Trailers are similar to a travel trailer but with a stronger hitch assembly. This type of trailer couples to the bed of the tow vehicle. A portion of the front of the trailer is lost in the overlap with the tow vehicle and shortens the overall wheelbase of the truck/trailer combination.


Repair / Refurbish

Sections of Metal Structures or RV Frames that are seriously bent or bowed can be straightened with heat and applied pressure in a workshop. Structurally weakened sections can be cut out and replaced with sections welded in place. Conrad can custom fit sections suitable for total replacement or match an exact profile for a splicing repair. No matter what your need, Conrad can mill steel into the desired profile to refurbish or repair your frame.


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